Artist statement

I work in the now.
My medium of choice is clay.
Can i forget myself in the process?
Am I a receptacle for something more than "me" flowing through me, then all is well.

I derive my theoretical heritage on the art of creation from the late Austin Osman Spare.

Glazes have I found much adversity and fun in developing and firing. 
Glazed vessels are all high fired with a clear propensity towards microcrystalline and saturated iron glazes. 

Sculpturally I work slightly below or beyond the human scale, I strive for methods that allow free-form sculpting.I make research in composite materials for self-supporting structures, as I prefer a maquette free and intuitive work flow.

On Chawans

I’m enthralled by glaze surfaces, the way that further levels of perception are hidden with each succeeding step of observation, the apparent first exterior gives way to explorations of more detail and other complexities. The way form meets my eyes and my hand perceives the weight distribution, the sound of the sintered ceramic, how does it resonate? I’m fascinated by beauty both in looks as in function, to me all these meets in the chawan. The chawan lets me drink and contemplate. These are objects that I can fashion with my own hands to my own desires and aesthetics. These are surfaces that I can research and pursue. All in order to be made aware of the intricacies of the relations between aesthetics of form, haptic and surfaces. As well as to enjoy in use and share as my perspective of beauty.

I’ve always been fascinated by the tea ceremony and the fascination has just grown stronger over the years. Making a ritual and cleaving a serene space out of the business of everyday life, it is a fashion I’m not about to give up on. I work from a desire to understand and utilize the chemistry of glazes to make something that might be both contemporary and classic in its expression. Creating objects of both artistic and functional value.

En lille sag om æstetik, design og kunst.

Mellem forskellige verdener, Kunsthåndværk, Moderne Kunst & Design, Bornholm 2012

Skrevet i tilknytning til afgangsprocessen og projektet på Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering, Bornholm. i foråret 2012.